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Producing Technique

Injection Molding Workshop
The injection plant covers 2,000 square meters and supports an annual production capacity of 500,000 meters of cable chains.

Vertical Manual/ Automatic Injection Molding Machine
We own 7 different models of the vertical injection molding machines, each of which is used to efficiently produce plastic components required by other factories. The spare parts first produced will be tested to ensure the quality and stability of the cable chains.

  • An employee is replacing the mold.
  • Self-produced different mold models for injection molding machines.

Assembly Area for Injection Molding Plant
We have 4 assembly platforms in the plant to efficiently carry out assembly of finished plastic components.

Testing Equipment for Cable Chain
The fully automatic cable chain testing machine is set to test the finished cable chains. It is capable of running continuously for 24 hours.

Warehouse for Cable Chain
All of the finished cable chains are stored in the 500 square meter warehouse.

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