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About Our Protective Cover

1. The protective cover is primarily used in rail protection in milling, grinding and processing centers, as well as protecting equipment in airports, bridges and medical industries.
2. Bellow covers and shutter shields are used to prevent dirt, water, oil and corrosion to the machinery beneath. Steel clad bellows are used to protect bellow covers and shutter shields, as well as prevent high temperature iron fillings.
3. Advantages include a small lathe load, low cost, short production period, easy installation, and excellent protection performance, allowing the bellow cover to be widely used in modern lathe industries.

We can design appropriate protective covers for customer needs based on drawings or dimensions.

1. Fabrics used in our protective covers include fireproof cloths and lattice cloths. Coatings include PBV, PU, TPU and Teflon. Thickness: 0.26, 0.3, 0.4
2. Supporting frame: PVC, metal or epoxy resin Thickness: 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0
3. Materials: PVC, cold rolled plate (Q235), stainless steel (SUS304), hot rolled steel (SPHC) and SPCC.

Structure and Shape
1. Main parts: fabric, supporting frame, plate pieces and armor pieces
2. Main accessories: wearable pieces, pulley, bearings, snap button, rivets, glue, armor buckle
3. Major shapes: horizontal line, U, rectangular, irregular
4. Steel clad bellows are available in many shapes. The specific dimensions and shapes can be designed according to client requests.

  • Bellow cover
  • Steel clad bellow
  • Telescopic steel cover
  • Protective cover for horizontal processing center
  • Special-shaped protective cover
  • Special-shaped bellow cover
  • Special-shaped cover
  • Protective cover for optical path
  • Protective cover for optical path
  • Special-shaped cover
  • Special-shaped bellow cover
Production Process

The production process for the protective covers includes a high frequency welding, hydraulic riveting, rivet driving, and gluing.

1. High frequency welding: This is the most advanced processing technique in the protective cover industry. It mixes the fabric and supporting frame completely, by melting the PVC and fabric coating with the heat generated by the high frequency wave. The mixture is then cooled and molded into the mold.

The high frequency welding technique features an excellent welding effect and a high production efficiency. Compared to a sewing and gluing technique, this is more environmentally friendly and allows a smaller amount of damage to materials.

2. Hydraulic Riveting: This equipment can adjust its pressure according to different materials, ensuring that one batch of products are riveted under a single, even pressure. The maximum pressure reaches up to 6 tons.

3. Rivet Driving: Rivet driving utilizes both a pneumatic pistol drill and pneumatic blind rivet.

4. Gluing: We use an environmentally friendly, high viscosity glue to attach plates to each other, ensuring the bellow covers will not easily disconnect.

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