Producing Technique

Sheet Metal Workshop
The sheet metal workshop is mainly used for processing raw steel plates. It is divided into 5 parts: raw material stacking area, laser cutting line, welding line, CNC bending line and drilling line.

Raw Materials

  • An employee is checking the raw steel plates.
  • An employee moves the raw material to the processing region, using a large crane with 4 vacuum chucks at the bottom.

Prima Laser Cutting Machine

  • We use a Prima laser cutting machine from Rofin Sinar to cut steel plates.
  • The laser cutting machine is able to cut 20mm thick steel plates at a rate of 40m/minute, with an accuracy of 0.03mm, significantly improving efficiency.

CNC Bending Machine
The CNC bending machine from AMADA uses an integrated bending system and is easy to program. The cutting precision for plate dimensions is within 0.1mm, and for an angle, within 0.2°. This is at the least 50% better efficiency than traditional CNC bending machines.

  • CNC Bending Machine
  • Processing the cut steel plates with the CNC bending machine
  • Checking the dimensions of bent plate with a measurement scale

Welding Table
The welding table is processed using a gantry milling machine, offering an excellent performance flatness and accuracy. For special shaping, the flatness is within ±0.5mm. With this welding table, we have saved a significant amount of production time, keeping costs low.

Cantilever Tapping Machine

  • Drilling and grinding process for workpieces
  • This equipment is easy to operate and prevents the form tap from breaking, differing from a traditional drilling machine.

Chamfer Tool Lathe from the United States
This lathe can adjust its speed and located workpieces for processing, according to different materials. Without the cutting fluid, it can work more than 100,000 times.

Frequency Inverter Spot Welding Machine
This spot welding machine features a short heating time, low deformation, low cost, high efficiency and little to no noise. Welding rods and wires are unnecessary to machine operation.


  • Textiles from Germany
  • Textiles from France

Prima Laser Cutting Machine
This equipment was specially introduced to cut PVC sheets, and features an easy operation, small cutting gap, high precision and high efficiency.

Fabric Folding Machine
The fully automatic fabric folding machine folds fixed fabrics into a block structure. The gaps and resistance between the components in the equipment are incredibly small.

Fabric Cutting Machine
The fabric cutting machine is used especially for processing accessories for the bellow cover plant. With an automatic punching machine, it features a high accuracy and stable processing quality. It is able to perform multi-coordinate linkage and work with complex workpiece shapes.

Bellow Cover Plant
The bellow cover plant covers 4,000 square meters, and is equipped with 7 high frequency welding machines and 5 assembly platforms.

High Frequency Welding
To produce protective covers, we use the most advanced cover processing technique, which utilizes the heat generated from the high frequency wave to melt PVC and fabric coatings, thus allowing the fabric to fully mix with the supporting frame, then cool and be molded into the cover.

Hydraulic Riveting Machine
This equipment adjusts its pressure according to different materials, ensuring that one batch of products is riveted under a single pressure. Maximum pressure is up to 6 tons.

Rivet Driving
Both a pneumatic pistol drill and pneumatic blind rivet are used.

We use an environmentally friendly, high viscosity glue to stick the plates together. The standard operation ensures that the bellow covers do not easily disconnect.

Product Inspection
Inspection is mandatory for finished bellow covers to ensure the final performance.

  • Testing equipment for bellow cover
  • Intelligent display

Warehouse for Finished Bellow Covers
Different bellow cover types are stacked in the warehouse in different areas. Tags are used to label each section.

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