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    1. Concertina Cover / Folded BellowThis kind of cover shows no damage or deformation when being trampled or impacted by hard objects. It features long service life, good sealing effect, and smooth running
    1. Steel Clad BellowThe stainless steel material is from BaoGang, the first level supplier in demosetic. The main material is imported from German, France and Russia
    1. Telescopic Steel CoverTelescopic steel guard is made from steel plate and stainless steel copper plate, featuring high quality and long service life. It can prevent coolant, emulsion, iron filings, and tool accidents.
    1. Backwall System (for Machining Center)Multi-axis face shield assemblies have been developed for machining centers or any application needing simultaneous, dynamic protection for each axis of movement.
    1. Roll-up CoverSteel shield brief is especially suitable for lathes with large installation space, stroke and high speed, such as CNC lathes, machining centers, and other precision equipment.