Roll-up Cover

Roll-up cover is especially suitable for lathes with large installation space, stroke and high speed, such as CNC lathes, machining centers, and other precision equipment, as well as all kinds of shafts, rods, and ball screws. Apart from preventing dust, debris, and coolants, it can also keep lathes' precision, extend machines' life and add to their aesthetic.

Our most popular? guard shields? are available in pre-selected sizes and materials, with short lead times.

Alternative to sliding plate systems that are prone to locking
Non-corrosive stainless steel
Low profie
Light weight
Mild steel side rails and end plates included (stainless steel option available)
Resists heavy chip load
Resists weld splatter
Excellent extended to retracted ratios
Quiet operation

This roll-up cover is mainly comprised of shell (stainless steel plate, cold rolled plate), spring shaft, driven shaft, and nylon fiber cloth, etc. Adjustment device is equipped to control its tightness. We provide single spring and dual spring for option. This roll-up cover can be installed into either container or bracket type.

Ideally suited for protection from hot chips and weld splatter, stainless steel protective covers provide an additional level of protection not available using conventional fabricbellows. This innovative system of stainless steel plates and? connections creates a lightweight cost-effctive system to protect linear rails, ways and machine elements from damage.

Our service
Krius's bellows offers the greatest variety of cover materials and construction methods available anywhere;?Our sales ?representative is in a position to give you a recommendation as to the proper product for your application.

When a protective cover design is needed, our engineers analyze the application, suggest the method of manufacture, the materials to be used and any other design considerations required to meet the needs of the specific application. This includes the necessary mounting material, metal work, guides or supports, so that you receive a finished product ready to apply to your machine.

Pls kindly note it's better if customer can supply us the guide section drawings with IGS or STP format. Then our professional engineer can design the bellow to customer, if not, pls let me know Machine cover figure. It is better to offer the drawings(or mark above figure) then Krius design exactly.
Pls remark if you have special demand, or we will follow Krius regulation

Technical Parameters
Des Figure Test result by Kruis Remark
Stretched out length

Machine travel range (Not full)
Compressed length

Travel distance

Machine max distance (Optional)
Outer width

Inner width

Min width

Outer height

Not full
Inner height

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Guide rail center distance

Not full
The distance from flange to guide rail

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Accessories need

Material of cover

Material and surface treatment(Optional)
Guide rail item N0.

(Not null/attched)
Running speed

Not null
Assemble way

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