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Backwall System for Machining Center

Multi-axis face shield
Integrate backwall guard

Multi-axis face shield assemblies have been developed for machining centers or any application needing simultaneous, dynamic protection for each axis of movement. Typical industrial applications are vertical (side or wall) or horizontal.

Depending upon your application, XY face shields can incorporate a number of different methods of protection for each axis: Stainless steel shade, Multiple roll up covers or protective sliding plates cover the two main axis, while a ram?wiper or bellows can be used for a third axis.

According to users' requirements, the multi-axis protective shield is set to protect each shaft. The stainless steel cover and multiple retractable armor pieces cover the 2 main shafts. Bellow cover is optional to protect the third shaft.

1.Speeds of 200m/minute or more
2.Accelerations up to 1g or more
3.Designed with ease of installation and longevity in mind
4.Protect the machine center from metal shaving, coolant, dust, oil etc.
5.Mounting arrangement to suit the customer's needs
6.It has no internal metal parts which avoid metal parts, falling onto sideways may cause serious damage to machines

Our most popular Multi-axis face shield are available in pre-selected sizes and materials. The unidirectional plate connection provides ?uniform plate expansion in a low profie design. These covers have performed to two million cycles at up to 2G's to ensure that they meet your high speed and high cycle requirements.

Pls kindly note it's better if customer can supply us the guide section drawings with IGS or STP format. Then our professional engineer can design the bellow to customer, if not, pls let me know Machine cover figure. It is better to offer the drawings (or mark above figure) then Krius design exactly
Pls remark if you have special demand, or we will follow Krius regulation

Technical Parameters
Code Des Figure Test result by Kirus Remark
Lxmax X axie max stretched out length

Machine travel range(Not null)
Lxmin X axie mix compressed length

Lymax Y axie max stretched out length

Lymin Y axie mix comressed length

Lzmax Z axie max stretched out length

Lzmin Z axie mix comressed length

S Travel distance for x/y/z

Machine max distance(Optional)
W Transom width

Not null
H Upright height

Not null
T Transom/upright thickness

>=70mm (Not null)

Accessories need


material of cover

Material and surface treatment (Optional)

Guide rail item No.

(Not null/attched)

Running speeding

Not null

Assemble way


Equipment item No.



Scarp or not (Optional)
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