Steel Clad Bellow

Flexible armored type machine shield
Guard Shield
Bellow cover
Steel telescopic shield guide cover
Telescoping guard protective covers for CNC Machine

Our steel clad bellows are generally found in 'horizontal line' shape, 7 shape, triangular and circular shapes. It provides protection for lathes by preventing high-temperature debris, dust, gravel and sharp materials entering the lathe guide, and reducing the damages of hard particles to the machine. It is widely applied in laser cutting machine, or in occasions with extremely-large stroke or limited space for installing steel covers, like horizontal machining center, moving column machining center, and all types of CNC machining centers.

The stainless steel material is from BaoGang, the first level supplier in demosetic. The main material is imported from German, France and Russia
Plate Telescopic Cover protection, running steadily speed is about 48-60m/mins? anti-pulls and anti-oil,anti-sandy,anti-water,anti-acid and bears rub ;tread resistance available;heat-resisant, rust-resistant, heavy load? We can make the larger size, width up to 5m and height up to 3.75m. suitable for most of operation center, the width can catch to 900mm. We offer customization service
Home installation and maintenance available
Vehicle compartment stainless steel ribs ,compression and extend ratio can reach:1:3-5

Different structure bellow cover are our main products
Pls kindly note it's better if customer can supply us the guide section drawings with IGS or STP format. Then our professional engineer can design the bellow to customer, if not, pls let me know Machine cover figure. It is better to offer the drawings(or mark above figure) then Krius design exactly
Pls remark if you have special demand, or we will follow Krius regulation

After-Sales Service
1. home installation and maintenance available
2. 2 year's experience after received the goods
3. free maintenance

Trade show
We attened different domestic and international trade show in the past year and, more and more customer has cooperated with us after checked our goods and material.

1. How long using life ?
10 million is our testing result by our lab with continuous weary test, if you use it improperly, it will reduce the using life correspondingly, however if you use it properly, the using life will be longer than 10 million times.
2. Does it allowed worker stand on it?
In principle, it do not allowed treading.
3. Can it be customized or not?
Each shields need to be customized because of the machinery different structure.
4. What is your brand?
Krius, but OEM is available
5. What is your longer customer?
THK, MESSER G.F ect. they are all our customer for year.
6. How to order?
Drawings is better, or give us the different dimensions.
7. what is your delivery date?
15 days after order confirmation about, more qty will take longer time.

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