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The TLG drag chains are suitable for installing a large quantity and heavy duty of cables and oil pipes which allow suspending installation ( supporting is not allowed) and is lengthy. The supporting plate can be made according to the user's requirements.it is suitable for master machinery, moving machine ect., The bending radius is 75-600mm and the inner height is 50-150mm for your different requirement.

TLG series steel cable chain has strengthened the loading ability & stoke length on basis of TL series, it can load more heavy cable and hose, And it has longer unsupported length, so it can be more suitable for machine tool, moveable machinery and all dynamic mechanical movement.
Due to the elegant appearance it can strengthen machine tool artistic effect in great degree and promote the product competitiveness In international market.

Technical parameter

Speed /acceleration LG: Max.25m/s Max.205m/s2
Speed /acceleration LA: Max.5m/s Max.8m/s2
Gliding speed/acceleration: Max.5m/s Max.12m/s2
Material-permitted temperature: igumid G/-40℃ to +125℃
Flammability Class,igumd G: VDE0304 IIC UL94 V2

TLG series included TLGA and TLGB type referring to different support plates.
TLGA type
TLGA type is made of first-class alloy aluminum profile which could meet customer' s different requirement, the support distance can reach 1200mm,even in the highest speed and travel speed it could keep the separator work perfect and guarantee the cable wire protected well.

Technical Parameters
Type (Hi) inner height
(mm in.)
(Wi) inner width
(mm in.)
ø cable max ø
(mm in.)
(H) outer height
(mm in.)
(W) outer width
(mm in.)
(R) bending radius
(mm in.)
(P) pitch
(mm in.)
TLG75 32 (1.26) Customizable ø27 (1.06) 50 (1.97) (Wi+19mm) 100-300 (3.94-11.81) 75 (2.95)
TLG100 51 (2.01) ø48 (1.89) 75 (2.95) (Wi+26mm) 150-400 (5.91-15.75) 100 (3.94)
TLG125 72 (2.83) ø66 (2.60) 100 (3.94) (Wi+34mm) 200-500 (7.87-19.69) 125 (4.92)
TLG175 120 (4.72) ø108 (4.25) 147 (5.79) (Wi+38mm) 250-600 (9.84-23.62) 175 (6.89)

Supporting board type
The supporting board is used for isolating different energy loads. We provide both integral and separated types of supporting boards for option. Customization service is offered.

  • Integral supporting board
    Material of supporting board: extruded Aluminum alloy
    Materials of isolating strip: Aluminum alloy
  • Separated supporting board
    Materials of axis spin: steel alloy
    Materials of supporting board: extruded Aluminum alloy

TLGB-Silver Star protecting board
TLGB has plastic separator which can adjust location freely and acquired customized space. This mainly is for application when different and various kind of cables are used at the same time. The protection plate is new development called “silver star protection plate” which is made of alloy aluminum, it has elegant appearance, high stability, more firm for case protection, it can opened in any placement on itself for easy assemble and dismantle, this device has passed more than 15 years working environment test.


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