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    1. Micro SeriesBecause of the small pitch and the two body structure, it is easy to assemble, effectively improving the bearing capacity and unsupported length.
    1. Mini SeriesKrius’ cable drag chains are available with a variety of accessories and options, including chains you can open, or attach to each other to increase the length.
    1. EN/EW Lightweight SeriesCable chains are specially designed to protect and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to automated machines and equipment.
    1. TF Totally Enclosed SeriesThe TF series plastic cable chain is used as protection against dirt and debris. It is cost effective, and used most often in applications with low and medium speeds.
    1. JQ/JF Low-Noise SeriesThis series of cable chains is applicable in printing equipment, energy transmission equipment, and motion robotic parts and are used to reduce wear between the cables and tube.
    1. ZF/ZQ Economic Practical SeriesCable chains, also known as drag chains, are specially designed to protect and guide flexible cables or hydraulic and pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machines and equipment.
    1. HQ/HF Long Distance SeriesThe long distance nylon cable chain is best suited for long distance applications. It features a user-friendly structure and a great appearance. Different sizes are available, including a bending radius, height and width.
    1. CL Bridge Type (Aluminum and Plastic)This particular type of cable chain is made from nylon and aluminum, with a cross bar made from aluminum or stainless steel. The crossbar length is customizable.