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TF totally enclosed Cable Chain
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The TF series plastic cable chain is used as protection against dirt and debris. It is cost effective, and used most often in applications with low and medium speeds. The enclosed cable chain also works in areas where dirt and dust are generated through woodworking, steel mills, pulp and paper, textiles, agriculture, coal fired plants and other messy environments.

TP isolator

Structural Features
1. The TF series cable chain is a fully enclosed type. It can effectively prevent dust particles and debris generated in high temperature processes from entering the chain. This type of cable chain can be quickly opened along the inside or outside radius, and assembled quickly. The modular design makes it easy to cut or extend the chain length based on application needs.

2. The groove equipped with an isolator is able to isolate different energy sources, making energy transportation safer and more efficient. We suggest users use an isolator when a: there are different loads such as hydraulic pipes, water pipes, gas pipes and cables, or b: the loads are the same, but the quantity is large.

3. The limiting block has added to the length of the overhead line, which has significantly extended the lift of the cable chain.

Technical parameter

Speed /acceleration LG: Max.25m/s Max.205m/s2
Speed /acceleration LA: Max.5m/s Max.8m/s2
Gliding speed/acceleration: Max.12m/s Max.50m/s2
Material-permitted temperature: igumid G/-40℃to +125℃
Flammability Class, igumid G: VDE0304 IIC UL94 V2

The selection of the TF cable chain depends on the load arrangement. Generally, the inner height and inner width of the cable chain should EACH be 1.5 times the maximum height and maximum width of the load arrangement.

Type (Hi) inner height
(mm in.)
(Wi) inner width
(mm in.)
ø cable max ø
(mm in.)
(H) outer height
(mm in.)
(W) outer width
(mm in.)
(R) bending radius
(mm in.)
(P) pitch
(mm in.)
TF25 26 (1.02) 39-76 (1.54-2.99) ø22 (0. 87 ) 42 (1.65) 59-96 (2.32-3.78) 75-175 (2.95-6.89) 67 (2.64)
TF35 35 (1.38) 51-101 (2.01-3.98) ø32 (1.26) 52 (2.05) 67-117 (2.64-4.61) 100-250 (3.94-9.84) 42 (1.65)
TF40 40 (1.57) 53-153 (2.09-6.02) ø37 (1.46) 57 (2.24) 74-174 (2.91-6.85) 100-250 (3.94-9.84) 46 (1.81)

Quality Assurance

  • Raw material PA66 from Russia, featuring high fire resistance and good luster
  • Injection molding and assembly plant
  • Fully automatic testing equipment


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