Lightweight Plastic Cable Chain – EN/EW Series

EN/EW Electrical Drag Chain / CNC Cable Track / Cable Carrier Chain

Cable chains, also known as drag chains, are specially designed to protect and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to automated machines and equipment. The drag chains reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, ensuring great protection of the machine and improving operator safety.

Our lightweight plastic cable chains are used anywhere a moving part needs to be connected to a static component of a machine, such as logistics industry construction machinery, wood working machinery, glass machinery, plastic machinery, and semiconductor equipment.

Our EN/EW lightweight cable chains are made from PA66, giving them a high tensile strength. With a flammability class of UL V2, the chains do not deform easily, even under high temperatures, so long as the temperature range stays between -40 and 125°C. The lightweight cable chain is suitable for high speed motion, with very little noise and vibration results, keeping a continuous speed of 8 meters/second, within a stroke of 80-120m. A closed cable chain prevents dust and thus, protects the load.

The PA66 materials from Russia feature a high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, and are not easily broken or fractured.

  • Injection molding machine
  • Fully automatic testing equipment

1. Cross bars can be opened along an inward or outward radius, with no assembly needed. This makes installation easy and convenient.
2. Assembled as an S shaped chain: An integrated bracket with a tie wrap clamp is optional, attaching solidly to a variety of different loads.
3. Cable chain separator: For the convenience of isolating different loads, the isolator is designed as a vertical type. The amount of the isolator depends on the user's actual need: users can place one or several isolators between 2 chain sections. Once assembled, the isolator is a fixed tool.
4. AA Austrian Company: After testing the inner structure, smoothness and performance of our cable chain, AA placed an order and established a long term partnership with us.

Users need to calculate the inner height and inner width according to the cable arrangement. Typically, the inner height and inner width of the cable chain should EACH be 1.5 times the maximum height and maximum width of the load arrangement.

Technical parameter

Speed /acceleration LG: Max.25m/s Max.205m/s2
Speed /acceleration LA: Max.5m/s Max.8m/s2
Gliding speed/acceleration: Max.12m/s Max.50m/s2
Material-permitted temperature: igumid G/-40℃to +125℃
Flammability Class: igumid G: VDE0304 IIC UL94 V2

Type (Hi) inner height
(mm in.)
(Wi) inner width
(mm in.)
ø cable max ø
(mm in.)
(H) outer height
(mm in.)
(W) outer width
(mm in.)
(R) bending radius
(mm in.)
(P) pitch
(mm in.)
21 (1.00) 26.3-103.3 (1.04-4.07) ø18 ( 0.71 ) 37.2 (1.46) 42.3-119.3 (1.67-4.70) 55-150 (2.17-5.91) 46 (1.81)
25.4 (1.00) 25.3-77.3 (1.00-3.04) ø23 (0. 91 ) 38 (1.50) 42.7-94.7 (1.68-3.73) 55-150 (2.17-5.91) 46 (1.81)
35.7(1.41) 50-125 (1.97-4.92) ø32 (1.26) 54 (2.13) 75-150 (2.95-5.91) 63-300 (2.17-11.81) 56 (2.20)
45.2 (1.78) 50-125 (1.97-4.92) ø42 (1.65) 64 (2.52) 75-150 (2.95-5.91) 55-150 (2.17-5.91) 67 (2.64)

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