Plastic Cable Chain-Micro Series

Cable Chain / High Speed Chain / Two-Body Chain

This cable chain is designed specifically for equipment used in high speed and rapid acceleration applications. Because of the small pitch and the two body structure, it is easy to assemble, effectively improving the bearing capacity and unsupported length. The plastic cable chain is especially useful for mechanical arms and automation equipment.

Features and Benefits
1. Small pitch for smooth, silent operation
2. Double stop dog and large pins for a long service life and long periods of unsupported travel
3. Optimized weight/stability ratio
4. Easy to assemble
5. Various interior separation options
6. The reinforced nylon material is able to withstand a high pressure and features a great tensile strength, toughness and elasticity, wearing and flame resistance. The cable drag chain's raw material is imported from Russian supplier known for its quality materials.
7. Depending on the first class raw materials, the excellent performance of the machine and strict quality control ensures each product has outstanding properties.

  • Raw material
  • Injection molding plant
  • Fully automatic testing equipment for cable chain

Technical parameter

Speed /acceleration LG: Max.25m/s Max.205m/s2
Speed /acceleration LA: Max.5m/s Max.8m/s2
Gliding speed/acceleration: Max.5m/s Max.50m/s2
Material-permitted temperature: igumid G/-40 ºC to +125 ºC
Flammability Class,igumd G: VDE0304 IIC UL94 V2

Type (Hi) inner height
(mm in.)
(Wi) inner width
(mm in.)
cable max ø
(mm in.)
(H) outer height
(mm in.)
(W) outer width
(mm in.)
(R) bending radius
(mm in.)
(P) pitch
(mm in.)
W06 6.4 (0.25) 10.4 (0.41) ø4 (0.16) 9.4 (0.37) 15.6 (0.61) 18 (0.71) 10 (0.39)
W07 7.4 (0.29) 7.4 (0.29) ø5 (0.20) 10.4 (0.41) 13 (0.51) 18 (0.71) 10 (0.39)
W10 10.4 (0.41) 10.8-25.8 (0.43-1.02) ø8 (0.31) 14 (0.55) 16.8-31.8 (0.66-1.25) 18 (0.71) 13 (0.51)


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